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Classic products
With great consistency and products of excellent quality, Kosteas Distillery has been producing handmade products, using the same successful recipes since 1962. In this way, the fans of our products have the certainty that they will enjoy the product they like, with the same satisfaction, every single time.
New Products
In Kosteas Distillery, we never become complacent. With restless and creative spirit, the company owners are spreading to the Greek market, by creating new flavors in liqueurs, one-variety or aged tsipouro etc.
The first two gift packages with company's products are already on the market. New packages are being prepared and will be released shortly. Give a gift with Kosteas products and satisfy even your most exacting friends.

Kosteas Distillery – A vast selection of products

Since 1962, our company is constantly evolving and impressing with its pioneering ideas, packaging and recipes that can satisfy even our most demanding friends.

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Golden DropΤσίπουροPremium
Distillation aged in oak barrels

Only our best tsipouro, collected drop by drop, extracted from high quality grape marc, maturing in oak barrels for at least 22 months. The aroma of wood, points out the already existing aromas of tsipouro, offering a delicious taste that you have never tried before. Elevate your senses with an aged Kosteas tsipouro.


New products

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Apricote, apple, orange liqueur
Liqueur with citrus aromas. A magical combination of three fruits: the soft and sweet taste of apricot and apple combined with the cool aftertaste of orange. It is the ultimate combination with white alcoholic drinks such as gin, vodka or even tsipouro.
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Limoncello Liqueur
Likeraki Limoncello is the ultimate Italian liqueur and the tastiest aperitif or digestive liqueur after your meal. It has a bright, yellow color with a strong aroma of blooming lemons and citrus fruits.


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