Golden Drop

Golden Drop aged tsipouro 43% vol.:Made with care in copper stills and aged in oak barrels from the finest varieties of Agiorgitiko, Roditis and Moschofilero it is a masterpiece with strong characteristics. The flavors of fruit and citrus are the secret of our recipe. Available in 50 ml, 200 ml and 500 ml packs.
Single variety tsipouro from Moschofilero. 41%vol.:A special extract from Peloponnesian white variety Moshofilero. Rich and aromatic, made with care in a copper still is an excellent aperitif, of high quality and special taste. Available in 200ml and 500ml packs.
Single variety tsipouro from Agiorgitiko. 41%vol.:Excellent variety of full-bodied marc exclusively from the red variety Agiorgitiko, produced in the Peloponnese. It is a distillate of tsipouro from a copper still with a special and elegant aroma of fresh red fruit. Unique finish after an excellent dinner. Available in 200ml and 500ml packs.
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